a juried exhibition celebrating small works

in conjunction with the medium festival of photography

october 22-november 20





TRYING, Failing, WAITING, Building

new paintings by Philip Petrie

Opening reception September 10, 2016 7-10 pm

show runs through October 17, 2016



new art by David b. Cuzick

opening reception June 11, 2016 7-10 pm

Show runs through July 4, 2016



featuring The Animal Cracker Conspiracy

APRIL 9-May 4

PERFORMANCES: APRIL 9 (sneak preview)

friday APRIL 15 at 7 pm (FULL PERFORMANCE)

email lowgallerysd@gmail to purchase advance tickets or by them at the door






Darling River

prints by Young Artists

St. Therese's Community School (NSW)

February 13-March8


Artist expedition and campaign launch

January 29-February 10


Latent Constructs:

Mixed Media Studies by Philip Petrie

January 15-January 22



new art by CM LaSTER and GRACE KElly LAster

November 27-December 31, 2015


in collaboration with the MEDIUM FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY

Show runs through November 23, 2015

please to set up a viewing appointment


(and other Things I may have dreamt)

art by Meegan Nolan

October 9 through October 22


new work by Becky Guttin

opening receptions 

FRiday September 4

Saturday September 19

7-10 pm


paintings by 

Corine Lattore, Jackie Leong, Reg Oberg, Victoria Pires, Mitch Gricman,
Francisco Rojas, Mark Rimland, and David Walton 

in collaboration with Sophie's Gallery

opening reception Friday July 24, 2015

show runs through August 24


Drawings, paintings and Sculpture

By Don Porcella

June 26-July16


Priceless: Kenny King

APRIL 25- MAy 13

Soulful things for sale.

"I don't mind parting with the corn, but not with the field in which it was raised." John Constable



new works by Adrienne Outlaw

Through April 17, 2015

"I’m interested in individual autonomy in an increasingly diverse and
rapidly advancing society. Spun addresses issues of individual choice
within a framework of global consumption in its exploration of how desire
shapes society. I believe we can create a sea change in a world that
encourages excess by choosing to live in moderation." Adrienne Outlaw.



new work by Joe Sloan

Panels in Chromatransposition each display roughly 21,600 dot stickers, hand-placed one by one. Each piece in the series is based around a single solid color, which is dissected into 4 or 5 base colors. Base colors go through an algorithm that determines their individual influence over the hue and value of the overall color, and are produced in amounts proportional to the surface area of each canvas. The stickers are purposefully distributed randomly to eliminate patterns and to evenly distribute color information reaching the eye of the viewer.


new art by: jonny alexander, celeste byers, randall christopher, harry daily, aaron glasson, itzel islas, reva litwack and bradford lynn

opens Friday JAnuary 30 7-10 pm

Come and celebrate our last show in our North Park!  

Someday I will show you all the uninvented colors underneath my eyelids when we are caught up in the perfect kiss. Until then, accept these captured visions of some of my favorite wide awake dreamweavers. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Thanks so much North Park for all the support you have shown us since our very first show!!! Come and share one last art loving experience with us on the 30th block! We will have live music from Nothingful. Don't miss it!!

World of Wonder:

new work by KAssi Grunder

through Dec 20, 2014



new work by

Marcelo Macedo and Max Kauffman

opens Friday November 14th

show runs through Dec. 2

NINTH LIFE: a spooky group show

Eva de Leon, Larry Caveney, Geofrey Scott Redd, and El Luchuk

grace the walls of Low Gallery 

OPENING: Friday October 24, 2014 6-10 pm


New work by David Cuzick and Mary Cuzick

Opening reception October 11, 2014 6-10 pm

show runs thru October 21, 2014

BULLETPROOF:Target Practice with Jennifer Davis 

opening reception Saturday September 20, 2014 6-10 pm

show runs through October 9, 2014


  opening reception Friday August 29, 2014 6-10p @ Planet Rooth Design Haus 3334 5th Ave, San Diego, California 92103


opening reception Friday August 29, 2014 6-10p @ Planet Rooth Design Haus

3334 5th Ave, San Diego, California 92103


new works by Jaclyn Rose and Carly Ealey

opening reception Friday June 27, 2014

show runs through August 17, 2014

Ladies on Ladies
The freshest art from some San Diego's creative femmes
Jaclyn Rose and Carly Ealey show us their stuff at Low Gallery Friday July 25th from 6-10 pm. With a set by DJ Las Sucias. Not to be missed! This show will adorn our walls until August 17th just in case you do.

Drift: Official Book Release Party

featuring art by Maja Ruznic and Josh Hagler

opening reception Friday June 27, 2014 6-10 pm

show runs through July 13, 2014

Join us as we welcome Bay Area artists Maja Ruznic and Josh Hagler to Southern California and celebrate with them the release of their collaborative art book titled Drift. In addition to copies of the book, the sublimely visceral original paintings of watercolorist Ruznic and oil painter Hagler will be installed and available for purchase at the show. 


Nothing Means Anything

New works by Kenny King and Keith Stone

June 6 thru June 22

" I've always felt most satisfied with artwork I've created, where in the process I've stepped out of the way. Away from the illusion of separateness and self. Letting a greater force work through me and merely becoming a instrument of its manifestation. Therefore, in an abstract way, if art is the landscape of consciousness, its creation becomes a very holy process although I'm not creating anything because I am only translating one form of matter into another. " Kenny King


Verdant Decay


May 2 thru June 1

Ila Rose explores living and dying in Low Gallery’s Verdant Decay.

Low Gallery exhibits the contemplative and sometimes confrontational watercolors of San Diego newcomer, Ila Rose. Themes of mortality and regeneration run rampant in Ila Rose’s old souled portraits with immaculately rendered flora and fauna.


Everything Makes a Sound

Paintings and poetry by Anna Zappoli

April 4th thru April 27th

 Italian born painter Anna Zappoli is well established in San Diego as a wildly expressive artist who who seemingly effortlessly absorbs and releases inspiration to those who are fortunate enough to come near her or her art. Followers of Anna’s work will recognize her signature palette (black) but may be surprised at the abstract direction some of her most recent pieces have taken.



new paintings by Sergei Rusakoff

March 12- March 30

Nucleus comes to Low Gallery in the same spontaneous spirit as Rusakoff’s new work.  


Albert and the Black Hearts


A celebration of love and other tragedies



Pop culture commentator and art world sweetheart, Albert Reyes throws his love up all over the Low Gallery Walls.

Just as Romeo sunk under the heavy burden of love, none of us is immune to the temptation of accepting heart shaped boxes never knowing whether their contents will fill us with ecstasy or despair. This exploration of love, lust, and infatuation is dense in the delicate linework of master draftsman Albert Reyes. Reyes meticulously renders his studies with the utmost care and attention making him a natural choice to cover the Low walls with red inked, Valentine like, prints as well as original drawings.


Eternal Spring

Celeste Byers, Colin Manning, and Marcella Kroll

1/17/2014 to 2/9/2014

Low Gallery welcomes the new year with Eternal Spring, a vibrant chromatic display of visual delights from some of the West Coast’s best tuned instruments. Low Gallery will be bathed in vivid colors, texture, light and sound in it’s maiden voyage of 2014, Eternal Spring, which will feature muralist/illustrator/activist Celeste Byers (San Diego, CA), photographer/projection artist Colin Manning (Portland, OR), fine artist/psychic medium Marcella Kroll (Los Angeles, CA).

Meegan Nolan, the show’s curator sees the culmination of sights and sounds as a smudging of psychic spaceand and a celebration of the limitless potential of renewal. “I have always been fascinated by the idea of perpetual motion and the transfer of energy. From Bhaskara’s wheel, to the ourobourus, to dark energy. It seems we all want to hit the refresh button, but it’s always happening even without us. Endlessly.”


Fast Forward

12/13/2013 to 1/14/2014

Opening Reception 12/13/13 6-10p

Catch up because these artists aren't slowing the conversation down! Low Gallery is happy to announce our first large group show, Fast Forward featuring visionary artists from around the corner and across the U.S. Don't miss it!. The show will include small works by : Max Kauffman, Nora Aoyagi,Lester Corral,Aileen Rodosevich,Gabriel Shaffer, Lawrence Freeman, Doron Fishman,Peter Geise, Mike Egan, Bradford Lynn, Eric Wixon, Jaime Derringer, Dion Terry, John Harkins, Carrie Anne Hudson, Doris Bittar, Edward Robin Coronel, James E Watts, Dan Adams, P-Jay Fidler, Luc Schwab, Josue Castro,Anna Stump,Clayton Roberts, Coco Ohara, Jorge Gutierrez, Chris Warr, Megan Olson, Lindy Ivey, Richard Messenger, Niko Burke, Matty Art Davis, Dan Barry, Buffalo Viez, John Emmons, Joshua Krause, David Harrison Cuzick, Evan Lopez, Reviewer Rob, Allysun Maria Dutra, Matthew Land, UBE, Alex Avila, Krissy Fernandez, Victor Villa, and Wayne Hulgin.


Post Pop 

Lighting design by Jonathan Entler and site-specific installation by Sean Brannan



In keeping with its commitment to blur the lines that attempt to divide one genre of art from another-particularly art and design-Low Gallery presents Post Pop, an exhibit featuring the work of two Southern California artists, sculptor, Jonathan Entler and abstract painter, Sean Brannan .

Post Pop combines Entler's highly sculptural light fixtures, made using only the clay itself, transparent glaze, natural light, and at times, translucent paper and Brannan's latest body, "Response Curves," which depicts concentric circles in sharply contrasting chroma that draw the viewer into an illusory space.

Entler's beautiful mounted lamps and chandeliers will appear to grow out of the gallery's stark, white walls and ceiling, while illuminating Brannan's site-specific installation that is a large-scale extension of his Response Curve series.


Inner Section


New works by Jessica Buie and Conrad Mecheski

Jessica Buie renders abstractions of experiential information as a means of exploring meaning and whether its significance is lost, remains intact, or is altered in it's translation.

Conrad Mecheski sees himself as a storyteller, talking to the paper with ink (in this case) and also eventually to the viewer. His deeply psychological line drawings shift in mood, theme, and intensity as time measures the ritual of his daily practice.


'well & Good

 Mike Maxwell and Alli Good


Low Gallery's debut reception, "''well and Good" will feature new art by San Diego heavy hitter Mike Maxwell alongside the visions of cult status Asheville, NC artist Alli Good. 


 Maxwell sites psychedelics, sex, and war among his sources of inspiration and the level of his craftsmanship has become as much part of his work as the historical and cultural references he makes. Mike is also the host and producer of the Live Free Podcast. Good's work,  influenced by comics and pop art, often employs the use of grotesque nudity to explore deep issues of feminity  creating images that are both disturbing and strangely poignant. The artists share an unflinchingly bold aesthetic illustrated in acidic colors and muted tones that grab the viewer by the eyes and don't let go. "'well and Good" promises to deliver to San Diego the Wild West on moonshine.


Hi Low!

Low Gallery host pop up group show of some of their favorite local artists as a prelude to their grand opening